1Tomato moth: Tuta absoluta Meyr. It damages tomato, potato tubes and their vegetative parts, eggplant, tobacco, vegetative parts and fruits of pepper. The moth mostly damages tomato and potato both in greenhouse and the open field. You can see mines on the damaged plant leaves, which are different from damages made by the other leaf miners by the excrements at the base. Damages on the fruits and in the plant tissue make the tomato useless.2The butterfly of the moth is grey and small in size. The wings are light grey with the yellow strips in the center. The flight of the butterfly begins in early spring and continues till the end of October. Effective temperature conditions are +8-35°C. One female lays 160-200 eggs. Depending on climate conditions the moth produces 4-13 generations in the open field.

How to fight the tomato moth

The monitoring of tomato fields is implemented by pheromone traps during the vegetative stage. Traps allow to study and decide the exact times for fighting. The pheromones are placed in the nurseries, greenhouses and in the open field. You can also use yellow and black sticky traps (black sticky traps are more effective for tomato moth control). After detecting the tomato moths in greenhouse you should release the predatory insects for biological control. The predatory insects of tomato moth are the following species: Dacnusa sibirica, Diglyphus isaea, Nesidiocoris tenuis.