The Integrated Program of Trout Stocks Restoration and Aquaculture Development in Lake Sevan

The strategic goal of the project is to restorate  the population of trout in Lake Sevan and solve  the environmental problems of the Lake.

Ways to achieve the goal:

  • Sustainable production of Sevan endemic fish species and development of complete value chain
  • Development of conditions for natural reproduction
  • Designing funds for solving the problems of Lake Sevan.

It is planned to farm two subspecies of Sevan trout:

Gegarkuni (Salmo ischchan gegarkuni)  and Summer(Salmo ischchan aestivalis) Trout

The project preparation activities have begun in the second half of 2011. The expected value chain of  the project includes activities starting from fingerling production till finished product processing and distribution.

In the scope of project implementation  it is expected to organize a line of companies and institutions that will aid in stable and balanced realization of the project. The core of the above mentioned institutions is the “Fund of Sevan Trout stocks restoration and Aquaculture development”(hereinafter: Fund) that will finance the project and the activities related the environmental problems of  Lake Sevan. And also “Sevan trout” CJSC has been established by the Fund and will involve fingerling farm and fish processing factory.

In the fingerling farm there will be produced brood stock of Summer and Gegharkuni Trout, which will guarantee both the production of fingerling in required quantities and preservation of these two subspecies. This fingerling farm will also make it  possible to produce caviar as well.

The processing factory will be equipped with high modern technologies and will produce a number of fish products from fresh or chilled fish to  fish fillets and canned food. The above mentioned range of production will allow the company to be competitive in international markets and increase the export quantities with stable volumes.

Fish production will be organized by cage farms which will be private entities. there will be centralized supply of fingerling, feed and pesticides for these farms,  which will guarantee the stable production of endemic Sevan  trout. Then the whole fish produced by cage farms will be realized to the processing factory. From one side this will rescue the farms from the problems concerning the realization of fish and from the other sight it will allow them to manage the realization process by a centralized, specialized subdivision under one brand name.

Special attention was paid to the environmental component of the project considering to Lake Sevan. The best international environmental standards have been examined for the whole value chain, and these will be introduced in each step. This will aid for the whole value chain to be certified according to leading environmental, quality and safety standards.

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