Strawberry seedlings

“Armenian harvest promotion center” CJSC offers high quality seedlings of June bearing and ever bearing strawberry varieties. We in cooperation with Dutch and British experts have studied over 50 strawberry varieties, out of which the following varieties have been choose and imported to: Albion, Portola, Flamenco, Ostara, Sweet Eve, Mieze Schindler. These varieties have been cultivated both in open and protected fields in Armenia guaranteeing high-yield, good product appearance, good tastiness, transportability and long-term storing ability.


The Origin-USA, California

The fruit is oblong-conical at first, very commensurate, then it becomes wider at the end of its maturity. It has red color and shining surface. The fruits are big. It is quite firm and resistant to transportation. It has perfect taste.


The Origin-USA, California

The fruit is big, conical and wide. It has bright red colour and very bright surface. The fruit is firm and transportable. It has harmonic taste without any acidity. The crop yield is high especially in early spring and in autumn and winter months in greenhouse cultivation only.


The Origin-Great Britain

The fruits are big, conical, and dense, they remain their form during the whole season. It has rich orange-red color and bright surface. It is transportable and perfectly preserved. It is tasty, sweet and juicy. It is productive; the crop yield reaches its peak at the end of the season.


The origin-Netherlands

The fruits are medium, conical and similar. It has rich red color. The flesh has medium density and it is very juicy and tasty. It is not transportable and doesn’t have preservation ability. It is very productive and resistant to diseases.


The origin-Great Britain

The fruits are oblong-conical. It has dark red color. The pulp has medium density and it is very juicy and tasty. It is not transportable, doesn’t have preservation ability, but very productive.


The origin-Germany

The fruits are medium, round, dark red colored. It looks like raspberries. The pulp is soft, light red colored. The productivity is medium. It has perfect taste, which reminds of raspberry. Compared with other varieties it has high market price.