Small Greenhouses will also be developed in Armenia

Armenian Harvest Promotion Center (AHPC) initiates a project of construction of small greenhouses. The aim of project is to provide an opportunity for the individual farmers and farms to build and exploit plastic greenhouses that provide relatively high yields, have new technologies and energy efficient system.

In this process AHPC collaborate with French, Dutch, Jewish and other foreign companies that produce greenhouses. The company has already received some offers/proposals for construction of several types of greenhouses with 400 m2 and more area. Depending on the type and dimensions of the greenhouse the price for 1m2 will be 12-30 euro.

Works are being done towards investment of drip irrigation system with accessible terms, most effective heating or alternative heating systems in the greenhouses, which will reduce the expenses for heating, irrigation and fertilizers. It will increase the effectiveness and competitiveness of the greenhouses. The mentioned systems can be also installed in the greenhouses that have been built earlier.

General Director of the company Aleksan Arakelyan mentioned that AHPC is ready to assist both in insertion of heating and irrigation effective systems in greenhouses that has been already built and in construction of new greenhouses.