Seedless Grape Intensive Vineyards Expansion Project

The project assumes to establish 5000 ha intensive vineyards of seedless grapes by use of new technologies, to develop the whole value chain of the production and realization of seedless grapes.

The project has been developed on the basis of the Pilot Project of Intensive Vineyard Establishment of Seedless Grapes in the Republic of Armenia, which has been carried out by AHPC in 2012. The project assumes that that the vineyards will be established with the local seedlings of seedless grapes (pure seedlings of local varieties of seedless grapes) and will be equipped by drip irrigation and anti hail net systems.

The project includes the whole value chain beginning from the production of the seedlings to product realization and also includes establishment of nursery, production of pure seedlings, the establishment of vineyards, the provision of vineyards with the new technologies, processing and realization of product, as well as their financing sources and instruments. As a result of the project 5000 ha intensive vineyards of seedless grape will be established during 10 years. After the harvest is complete there will be produced about 150 000 ton grape annually in vineyards, from which about 90 % will be exported fresh and processed, and the rest will be realized in local market. The annual income from the vineyard will be 60 milliard drams, the export volumes of agricultural products will be increased approximate 54 milliard drams. As a result of the project there will be invested over 58.4 milliard drams in agriculture, and 15-20 thousands new workplaces will be created in rural communities.

You can find the project here (available only in Armenian).