Raspberry is perennial bush of up to 1.5 m height, it has June bearing and ever bearing varieties. It blossoms since mid-August till winter. It is possible to extend the harvest season if the production is carried out in the greenhouses. Ever bearing varieties of raspberry give yields in summer of the same year. Raspberry fruits containlarge amount of sugars, organic acids, cellulose, flavonoids, Anthocyanins, vitamins, minerals and microelements. Especially raspberry is effective against flu,angina and cold. It is known for its antisclerotic feature due to the content of vegetable fats and beta-sitosterol. It is advised to thepatients with diabetes mellitus.

The foliage of raspberry has anti-inflammatory effects.

Cultivars of ever bearing delicious red raspberry 


The Origin-England

Bush is thorny. Flowers are white; it blossoms in the middle and at the end of summer or at the beginning of autumn. The foliage is velvet. It is precocious. It has dark red fruits with pleasing flavor. It has big fruits with 2.7 gram weight. The fruits are transportable and perfectly preserved.


The Origin-Poland

It is average-sized bush. The fruits are attractive and glossy with pleasing taste and flavor. It is transportable and perfectly preserved. It is productive; each plant gives about 1.8 kg harvest.


The Origin-USA, Minnesota

Bush is erect and productive. The fruits are tasty, bright red, transportable and well preserved. The plant is resistant to the hot climate.

HERITAGEThe Origin-USA, New York

Bush is thorny and high. The plant produces many shoots during the vegetation, which vertical position facilitates the harvesting. The fruit is attractive red and tasty. Fruit weight is medium: about 1.8-2.2 grams. Fruits are firm, transportable and preserved. It’s good in cooling mode. It is late ripening and resistant to the main diseases and pests.


The Origin-Hungary

Bush is medium of up to 150 cm height and thorny. Fruits are big and very tasty. It is productive and gives yields from July to October.


The Origin-North America

Bush doesn’t have strong growth. The fruits are big and very tasty. It is well preserved, late ripening and resistant to the main diseases and pests.


The Origin-USA

Bush has strong growth and produces short lateral branches. The fruits are high quality, big, firm and very tasty. It is productive; each plant gives 3.9 kg yield. Fruits are preserved, but they darken a little during preserving. Fruits are big and have color from red to dark red. It is quite resistant to the main diseases and pests.


The Origin-Poland

Bush has vigorous growth and up to 1 m height. It is productive; each bush gives more than 2.5 kg yield. Fruits are beautiful with attractive taste and flavor. They are preserved and transportable. It is advised to cultivate in tunnel greenhouses. The cultivation of this variety is very easy.


Ever bearing yellow varieties of Raspberry

Coloring of this variety is a result of expression of recessive genes, which suppresses the production of anthocyan.


The Origin-USA

Bush is semi-erect. It gives two main yields yearly: in August and in October. It is too frost-hardy: up to -31°C: In spring you should prune only the branches that harvested last year in Autumn. It is productive. Fruits are light yellow at first, then get intense yellow coloring and has taste of honey.


The Origin-USA

Fruits are very firm. Like the other yellow varieties of raspberry it is not preserved for long-term. It is mid-late ripening and frost-hardy. Fruits are big (2.2 grams) and very tasty. It is used both fresh and processed.