Project of Anti-Hail Net System Installation

Anti-hail net systems have been used since 1950s. It is very common method in the world, but not very common in Armenia. Anti-hail net system is considered to be the most effective protection method against the hail, which will prevent the damage caused by it. The simplicity of the system will allow the owners to operate, maintain and repair it easily. The system has advantages, mentioned bellow:

  • Full protection of the fruits
  • Protection against the sun UV
  • Protection against birds and insects
  • Providing more uniform and unicolor fruits
  • Reducing the damage of the wind

According to geographical location and climate, the risk of hail in Armenia is high. 368 villages in Armenia are in hail danger zones and 15%-17% of the farms are damaged by hail, every year[1]. Average yearly loss caused by the hail is about 30 to 40 million USD[2].

Based on the above mentioned issues in 2013 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO) announced a tender for a pilot project to install anti hail net system in Armenia. The pilot project was to install anti-hail net system for 1 hectare apricot orchard in Vagharshapat city, Armavir Region, in order to introduce this system to the farmers. Armenian Harvest Promotion Center CJSC (AHPC) won the tender and successfully constructed and installed the first anti-hail net system in Armenia.

During the project, AHPC cooperated with Italian COMAVIT Company and imported the whole system (including nets, poles, metallic wires, clips and etc.). In order to implement the project, AHPC acquired all necessary tools and equipment for construction and installation. Installation is done by the effort of AHPC specialists and advice of the Italian professionals. The anti-hail net system was put into operation in Armenia in 2014. Now AHPC has all the professional and technical potential for carrying out such programs. Investments into anti-hail net systems and their development will give the farmers the opportunity to avoid hail risks and have guaranteed high-quality harvest.


[1] Armenian Rescue Services, September 14, 2008
[2]  UNISDR. National Report on Disaster Reduction in the Republic of Armenia, for the World Conference on Disaster Reduction (Kobe: UN, 2005).