We offer design, installation and management of the newest fish processing lines. The works will be arranged in accordance with the requirements of international standards, highlighting the quality and safety assurance process. Fish processing line can include live fish slaughtering, fish sorting, deheading, filleting (skinning, pinbonning, trimming, portioning and slicing), packing, and also equipment for fish freezing, smoking and canning, etc.

Our specialists will collaborate with clients to offer the best possible solutions for the customer first of all highlighting importance of the productivity increase.

The services provided are as follows:

  • pre-decision stage
    • production plan exploration
    • processing plant examination and evaluation
    • processing line design
    • operational costs and investments identification
  • construction stage
    • environmental impact assessment
    • basic and detailed engineering of the processing line
    • discharge management
    • Equipment specifications and procurement sources
    • Construction supervision / management
  • operation stage
    • Operating manual for the processing lines
    • Start-up & running-in of the processing lines
    • long-term technical management
    • staff training
    • technical supervision
    • trouble shooting