Pilot Project of Restoration of Lake Sevan Endemic Fish Populations

For evaluating production and environmental efficiency of cage aquaculture in Lake Sevan there was implemented the pilot project  (15.08.2012-15.08.2014).

The main objective of the pilot phase is to evaluate  fish (Gegharkuni and Summer Trout) farm possibilities in Lake Sevan with contribution to cage technologies, and for what it is important to evaluate economic efficiency and environmental impact on the ecosystem of the Lake.

The pilot phase is implemented by “Sevan National Park” SNCO and “Emy Fruit” Ltd. The investor is “Emy Fruit” Ltd.

The project patners are.

  • “Armenian Harvest Promotion Center”CJSC –project management
  • “NC Consulting”ApS –project adviser
  • “Biomar Group”–fish feed supplier
  • “Hvalsund Net”  A/S – equipment supplier, installation
  • “Bureau Veritas” S.A. – quality, safety and environmental standards
  • “Clima Design” – monitoring equipment supplier
  • “Unifish” Ltd, “Arevadzuk” Ltd–fingerling suppliers
  • “Shushan and Shahnur”Ltd–construction and installation

On August 2012 for the implementation of the project In Lake Sevan  near the Shorja village there was installed 4 cages (each has: diameter- 16m, depth- 8m, capacity- about 50 ton). Since 15 August to October  2012 from fish farms have been bought and transferred to cage farms about 190 000 fingerlings of  Gegharkuni and Summer  Trout.

In order to assess the impact of the project on the Lake environment there have been selected 4 monitoring stations, where were estimated about 31 indicators aggregated in 3 groups (hydro-physical and hydro-chemical, bacteriological  and  microbiological, fish farming ).

The monitoring have been done by these companies.

  • “Sevan National Park” SNCO
  • Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology- Institute of Hydroecology and Ichthyology, NAS, RA
  • “Environmental Effect Monitoring Center” SNCO
  • “NC Consulting”ApS

The monitoring results allow us to state that there wasn’t any negative impact on the ecosystem of the Lake, exposed to such exceedance, the farm production indicators are positive and consistent with the predicted dynamic plan.

So, in Lake Sevan  breeding of Sevan Trout with cage technologies from economic perspective is positive and competitive, and from environmental perspective is safety in case of efficient management of possible risks.

To see the Pilot Project (available in Armenian), please, click here, to see the results of the Project click here.