Pilot Project of Intensive Vineyard Establishment of Seedless Grapes in the Republic of Armenia

AHPC has developed the pilot project to study the opportunities of high value grape production, to develop efficient models of seedless grape production, to find out optimal ways of integrated processing. Yerevani yellow, Yerevani pink, Qishmish Black, Marmari, Qishmish Khishrau, Qishmish Moldovian and Parvana qishmish sorts of grape were included in the pilot project. In the framework of the program, the following works and actions has been carried out:

  1. Grape seedling production in soil and hydroponic system
  2. Testing of storage ability of the grapes
  3. Preproduction of wine and raisin
  4. The study of the international experience in the use of modern technologies for vineyard establishment.