Nesidiocoris tenuis

Nesidiocoris tenuis is a bug. It is green, 3-4 mm in length. During her life span the female lays 60 eggs. It is polyphagous and predator at the all stages of development. It feeds on the large number of pests such as eggs and larva of the tomato moth (Tuta absoluta), glasshouse and silverleaf whitefly, spider mites, egg of the moth, larva of the leaf miner. The predator is applied for the protection of vegetables (the tomato, the eggplant, the pepper) against the the pests both in the greenhouse and the open field.


Nesidiocoris tenuis is packaged in the vials of 100 ml, in which there are 500 individuals and the 90% of which are adult. The egg of predator that is mixed with bran should be frozen before use. The predator invades directly to the plant once in 3 days.