Hypoaspis miles

25Hypoaspis miles is a predatory mite. It is dark-brown, 1 mm in length. It inhabits top layers of the ground or organic remains (1–4 cm in depth). Living in the soil the mite feeds on different insects such as thrips pupae and larvae.


Fertility is 100–200 eggs. Dependently on the kind of a prey a daily fertility is 1.5–5 eggs. The adult individual consumes 1–5 pests per day. The life span of the adult mite is on an average 36 days. The species is applied for the defense of many vegetable and ornamental-flower crops against the pests. The rate of invasion is 50–100 individuals per 1 m2. In the focuses of pest populations the rate of invasion is increased.


  • application on many crops;
  • an effective agent against the west flower thrips and the species of the family Sciaridae;
  • the long time of population existence.