Giant freshwater shrimp cultivation program in Armenia

In 2014 Armenian Harvest Promotion Center initiated “Giant freshwater shrimp cultivation program” in Armenia. The main goal of the program is the cultivation and production development of high-value shrimp in artificial fish farming ponds in Ararat valley.

It is envisaged that Armenian Harvest Promotion Center will organize shrimp production till the post larvae stage after what being purchased by private investors they will be transferred to artificial fish farming ponds in Ararat valley to provide the further cultivation.

The project is realistic due to a number of prerequisites:

  • availability of artificial fish farming ponds in Ararat valley
  • favorable climatic conditions of Ararat valley
  • quite high value of shrimp in fishery market
  • cooperation with Russian partners, opportunity to acquire production technologies
  • opportunity to organize trainings for specialists

In order to provide the efficient development of the program our company cooperates with “Eco-Tropic” LLC (Astrakhan region, RF). This cooperation implies exchange of experience in shrimp cultivation, trainings of specialists, reception of the necessary consultancy.

During the initial stage of the program we have studied the international experience of the shrimp cultivation, evaluate its localization opportunities. By the second stage Armenian Harvest Promotion Center have constructed the plant for shrimp larvae production and incubation. Since this is the first experience of the shrimp cultivation in Armenia the broodstock needed for the initial phase of the project has been acquired from the “Eco-tropic” LLC. Our company will organize the fertilization of broodstock, reception and incubation of eggs and the process of larvae reception.  Also greenhouse pond has been constructed for the cultivation of post larvae, where they will be cultivated during summer months till being transferred to the artificial ponds in Ararat valley to be breed whilst reaching the market size.

Implementation of the project will bring opportunities for the development and expansion of high-value shrimp production in Armenia, meeting the domestic demand and reduction of imported quantity, as well as export promotion.