Drip Irrigation Systems

We offer pipes, loops, filters, valves, dripper and other accessories of drip irrigation system from the European and Israeli leading producers. This irrigation system is based on water supply directly on the plant root system. It is efficient for irrigation of all plants and advisable both for industrial production and for production in small farms. The system is designed for locally moisturizing the soil in the development zone of crop system. This method assumes supply of small portions of water directly to plant root system through drippers.

The main advantages of irrigation system are the following:

  1. 20-50% of yield increase and 30-50% of cost reduction,
  2. Equal water distribution in open fields and 30-60% of water saving,
  3. Opportunity of supplying dissolved fertilizers through the irrigation system,
  4. Reduction of water vaporization and filtration losses,
  5. Possibility of watering area complex terrain
  6. Prevention of irrigation erosion and increase of the ground water level,
  7. An opportunity of automatic watering,
  8. A good air conditioning,
  9. A prevention of root rot and assurance of plant healthy growth.