Development Project of Strawberry and Blueberry Production with Modern Technologies in Armenia

The goal of the project is to develop and expand production of high-value crops (especially berries) on small land plots. The project assumes to organize on small land plots production of berries, especially ever bearing strawberries and blueberries through implementation of modern technologies and new intensive varieties. The production of berries will be carried out on open fields and in small greenhouses. The cultivation of strawberry will be carried out hydroponically in coco peat substrates, while the cultivation of blueberries will be carried out in soil mixture with special ingredients.

For this, AHPC has developed business plans for hydroponic cultivation of strawberries in 1000 m2 covered and 1000 m2 open fields and for the establishment of 1000 m2 blueberry orchard. According to them the cultivation of strawberries and blueberries in small areas will provide 7-10 times more income than traditional crops like potato, tomato or grape production. In order to make the project realistic it is assumed to invest appropriate financial tools, which will enable to borrow funds with favorable conditions to obtain seedlings and technologies. The program assumes to carry out the supply of seedlings, nutrients, pesticides and the provision of laboratory services and agronomical consulting services through the centralized institution. To organize an effective realization of produced berries it is planned to do it under a united umbrella brand.

As a result of the project the small land plots which are result of land privatization after the collapse of the Soviet Union will be utilized more efficiently, the workplaces in rural communities, social conditions of individual and small farms will increase. It is predicted that 1000 m2 strawberry greenhouse will generate 5.5-6.1 million dram incomes annually, 3.1-3.3 million dram income will be generated from strawberry production on the open field and 3.6 million dram from blueberry production of 1000 morchard. The realization of the project will allow increasing local consumption of fresh and high quality berries and along with the expansion in production export volumes can be expanded.

You can find the project here (available only in Armenian).