Strawberry Production Containers

Containers for strawberry cultivation

The company offers PP (polypropylene) containers for hydroponic production of strawberry. The container has 11 holes for planting of seedlings. The use of this container allows to plant strawberry at optimal density/distance using minimal content of substrate for a plant.

It provides a good air conditioning, suitable for plant care and harvest and limits the evaporation of water. Berries don’t have any contact with the surface, which exclude occur of mechanical injury, reduces the risk of rot and the other factors that can affect the quality of harvest. The company also offers coco peat substrate made of coconut fiber which is suitable for the containers.

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Bags with coco peat substrate for plant cultivation

The company also offers coco peat in ready-made bags for cultivation of various crops (tomato, strawberry, ornamental flowers etc.), on which by a wish of purchaser the name and logo of their company can be printed.

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