Coco Peat Substrate

The company offers washed, unwashed and buffered coco peat substrate (cocopeat) from the world’s leading companies. The coco peat briquettes and blocks are placed in appropriate containers, in which crops are cultivated. The company offers coco peat in ready-made bags for plant cultivation, on which by a wish of purchaser their logo and name can be printed.

Coco peat is made of coconut fiber and a great environment/medium for hydroponic production of vegetables, berries and flowers. It also gives a perfect result in the open field cultivation mixed with the soil. Due to its advantages coco peat successfully can replace other substrates: peat, rock wool, sawdust etc.

Here are the main advantages of coco peat substrate:

  • It is ecologically clean, doesn’t contain any chemical additives,
  • It is completely organic and doesn’t pollute the environment,
  • pH of the substrate is optimal for the growth of most plants,
  • It contains nutrients required for plant growth,
  • It has excellent water retention properties (it preserves 7 times more moisture, than its own weight),
  • It has sustainable structure and decomposes difficulty even in very wet conditions,
  • It has excellent drainage properties,
  • It provides excellent air conditioning, and in case of mixing with the soil prevents soil entrenchment and increases porosity,
  • It has resistant to bacterium, weeds, damaging fungus, and it’s completely safe,
  • High content of lignin stimulate the development of beneficial microorganisms,
  • It is available both in greenhouses and open field,
  • It is possible to use up to 4 years.

The vegetables that are grown in coco peat medium provide:

  • Durability,
  • Excellent taste and succulence,
  • Stable form of fruit,
  • Longer seasonality,
  • Resistant to diseases,
  • Stronger root system,
  • Adaptation to temperature fluctuation.