Yerevani Wines

AHPC offers dry and semi-dry wines made of high quality muscat and qishmish grapes varieties.
We started the wine production in 2012 from Yerevani Vardaguyn, Yerevani Yellow and Black Qishmish grapes grown in Armavir Marz. Receiving high appraisal from the experts we continued to expand the wine varieties and already this year we present to consumers 3 more types of wines.

____ yerevani sev kishmish

Yerevani Sev Qishmish

Dry red wine made of unique grapes of black Kishmish grown in Ararat Valley. It has characteristic vinous color, rich and original bouquet, which gives … Read more →

____ yerevani vardaguyn kisaanapak

Yerevani Vardaguyn

Dry and semidry pink wines made of blending of  pink, yellow and black Kishmish grape varieties grown in Ararat Valley. Vardaguyn Yerevani is full flavor … Read more →

____ yerevani muskat

Yerevani Muscat

Dry white wine made of blending from  Muscat Dessert and Aivasyani Muscateni grapes grown in Ararat Valley. Harmonious blend of the two grapes endows the … Read more →