Blueberry is a perennial bush of 1.5-2 m height with berries of 5-17 mm diameter, from light blue to almost black coloring, not so sweet, and a little sour taste. It contains lots of vitamins, anthocyanins and other pigments, easily digestible mineral manganese, antioxidants and such phytochemicals that are useful for stomach, gastrointestinal, cardio-vascular systems, vision, it is also used for inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Taking into account Armenia’s climate conditions the following varieties are more favorable for cultivation:  “Duke”, “Blue Crop”, “Blue Gold”, “Liberty”, “Elliot”, “Patriot” and “Chandler”.


The bush is erect, not very high, with big, light blue berries. It is precocious, tasty, especially after freezing. The berries are firm, that is why are easier to pick. Thus this variety is recommended for mechanical harvest.​


Bush is firm, vigorous and upright. Fruits are very big with a little scar, firm and transportable, very tasty, don’t rive and fall from the peduncle when they ripen. It is resistant to the spring chilblain. Taste of the early picked fruits is acid. This variety is recommended for mechanical harvest.


Bush is compact and is about 120 cm. It is frost-hardy and mid-ripening. Fruits arelight blue, very firm, preserved and tasty. It is very productive. It is suitable for hand-harvesting, but mechanical harvest is also recommended.


Bush is upright, a little sprawling, yields berries on the lateral branches. Berries are very firm, a little tart, big and preservable.


One of the best late-ripening varieties. It is sensitive to the pruning time. Fruits have outstanding taste quality.


Bush is strong, sprawling, semi-upright. It is productive, very firm, can withstand heavy, wet soils. It is resistant to the root rot. Fruits are medium and big, blue and grow in clusters. Fruits have excellent taste quality. It needs special care during the harvest, as the fruits sometimes can’t get blue color totally.


Bush is firm, upright of 1.8 m height and with developed sidings.
Fruits are the biggest in comparison with the other varieties of blueberry, with a diameter of 22 mm and with a weight of 5 g. It is perfect cultivar for the farmers: fruits ripen during 6 weeks and have high yield and excellent taste quality.