Blackberry is perennial bush of up to 1.5 m height. It has June bearing and ever bearing varieties. It blossoms all over the summer, but the fruits start to ripen from August. It is possible to extend the harvest season if the production is carried out in the greenhouses. Ever bearing varieties of blackberry give yields in summer of the same year. Blackberry fruits contain sugars, flavonoids, tannins, pectin substances, acids. The leaves, fruits, and in some cases also the roots and flowers of the herb are used for treatment.

Ever bearing varieties of blackberry


The Origin-USA

Bush is quite erect, thornless and precocious. It has a chilling requirement of about 400-500 hours. It is special for its small seeds.The fruits are big and firm. It has perfect taste. It is resistant to the main diseases and pests. The fruits are transportable and perfectly preserved.


The Origin-USA

Bush is semi-erect of 3-4 m height and thornless.It has tight cluster with about 20-30 fruits.Fruit are oblong, big (5-8 g) and acid before fully ripe. Being ripened it becomes soft that why you should organize harvesting in time.It is resistant to the main diseases and pests.


The Origin-USA

Bush is semi-erect and thornless. At the 1.5 m height it is erect, but at the 3 m height it looks like an arch.Every sprout gives 35-40 fruits, from which some are oblong, big (5 gram and more), black and glossy. It is resistant to the main diseases and pests.


Hybrid Varieties of Blackberry and Raspberry


The Origin-USA

It is produced from the pollination of blackberry (mother) and raspberry (father). Bush is not erect. It is more precocious, than blackberry. The fruits are gathered when they get dark, saturated red color. A bush gives more than 8 kg yield and maintains a normal yield of about 15 years.


The Origin-Scotland

Bush is semi-erectof about 2 m height.It is thornless.The fruits are big, oblong-conical with special taste and flavor. As the main part of the hybrids, it is also resistant to the diseases and pests.


The Origin-USA

Bush is semi-erect, it grows fast. It is not very fastidious about the cultivation. The fruit are quite big in comparison with the other main varieties; it is tasty, black, glossy and very firm resulting the good preservation.