About Company

The aim of «Armenian Harvest Promotion Center» close joint stock company (AHPC) is enlargement of agro production and export of Armenia through development in the value chain from production to consumption, implementation of modern technologies and application of the best international experience in the sphere.

The company has been established in 2011:

Following its mission the company designs and implements projects with the following destinations:

  • Development of large industrial greenhouses,
  • Development of small plastic greenhouses,
  • Development of viticulture  and winemaking,
  • Cultivation of high value berries in open and protected grounds,
  • Development of fish farming, fish processing and export,
  • Implementation of modern technologies in the sphere of agriculture,

Parallel with the projects developed by the company it also implements the followings:

  • Development and projection of business plans for modern greenhouses,
  • Supply and montage of greenhouses and greenhouse technologies,
  • Design, supply and montage of drip irrigation and anti hail net systems for vineyards and orchards,
  • Supply of fruit trees and high value berry plants
  • Supply of biological and mechanical pest controls,
  • Provision of agronomic advisory,
  • Design, supply of equipment and montage of fish farms,
  • Provision of advisory in the sphere of aquacultures,

The company cooperates with leading producer, supplier and advisory partner companies from European and other countries, insuring the high quality of supplied goods and provided services.